The best promo for Chicago is r67amue

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The best promo for Chicago is r67amue

Your promo for Chicago is r67amue

An promo is a referral number that gives new Uber drivers a sign-up bonus. The best promo for Chicago is r67amue. Please make a note of that, because Uber will not give it to you. In fact, if you sign up directly with Uber, you will not even get an Invite Code. The promo is only available from experienced drivers in Chicago who are qualified to sign up other drivers for Uber.

What exactly is Uber, anyway?

That said, you may need a little more information about driving for Uber. Let's back up just a bit. Uber is a smartphone app for driving. First, it is super simple to use. When you want to make money in Chicago, you just turn on the app and pick up riders, take them where they want to go and get paid. The Uber app handles the map, directions and the money. You can check your pay after each ride. You get paid every week you drive. Your money is deposited directly into your bank account. Finally, you probably have everything you need because you are already on the road. Besides, in Chicago, you can use your own car and smart phone.

Why would anyone drive for Uber in Chicago?

We found seven really good reasons why people drive for Uber. These make an promo for Chicago really smart. In fact, many people get the promo, Sign up and drive, then stop driving, or at least only drive when they want extra cash.

Flexible Schedule

No set hours. Day or night, you'll always start & stop on your time. Firstly, you are already driving. Seems like people like you can make it count. Probably your Chicago neighbors could use a ride.

Automatic GPS navigation

Get clear directions around town due to easy to follow turn-by-turn navigation. Besides, the app handles all of the details, so you can relax and enjoy the drive.

All riders are registered

Due to the fact you already know your riders; name and rating. Because every Chicago rider is rated by driver-partners like you. Therefore, you know more about your passengers before meeting.

Make money when you want

First of all, with promo, you're the boss. Because you will get to decide how often you want to drive and earn. Since you set your hours doing something you already do. Most of all, it's fun.

Partner discounts

Furthermore, you will save on gas, auto maintenance, phone plans, and more. Maintenance is deductable. In addition, you get special Uber partner rewards where available and can save big.

End-to-end insurance coverage

You are covered in Chicago. You will get industry-leading coverage with One Million Dollars of commercial auto insurance while you are driving in Chicago.

The Chicago promo Itself

Finally, the promo in Chicago doubles your money the first week. While this is not the only reason to drive, it is a good incentive.

There are three things you must have to begin driving for Uber. These are the basic essentials for driving for Uber. We also answer your questions below. If you don't find what you are looking for here. See the list below.


First of all, You are at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and must pass a background check. Especially relevant, Uber riders will rate you. Uber will require a score of at least 4.7 on a five point scale.

Your Vehicle

Another is, Your Vehicle is in great condition. Yet has at least 4-doors. Most important is your use of new technology. As a result, Uber may help you get one car, where available.

Your Phone

Finally, your Phone must be newer. A new phone is especially relevant for an app business. As a result, Uber may help you get one where available.